Greeting from the Head of Government Records

Hello and welcome to our blog.  My name is Becky McGee-Lankford and I manage the operations of the Government Records Branch.  I have  worked with the State Archives of North Carolina for over 16 years in a variety of areas including reference, micrographics, and archival and records management.  In my current position as manager of the Government Records Branch I oversee the records management and archival programs for all state agency and local government agencies inNorth Carolina.  I am also responsible for the management of the State Records Center, which provides records storage for inactive state agency records.   We operate three storage facilities to accomplish this task.  Government Records staff work closely with state and local officials to ensure that the public records created throughoutNorth Carolinagovernment are managed, retained, and disposed of in accordance with state and federal law.  Branch records management analysts consult with and train state, university, and local government employees on best practices for creation, use, access, and disposition of public records, and work with them to develop retention and disposition schedules in accordance with state law and policies.  In addition, Branch archivists are responsible for collecting and preserving records from state and local government agencies with enduring historical value, including the records that protect the rights ofNorth Carolinacitizens.

In fiscal year 2011-2012, state and local officials took advantage of the following records management services offered by our branch:

–          Analysts worked with state and local officials to assign retention periods to 2,990 record series

–          Analysts met with 174 officials to provide records management advise

–          Analysts provided records management advise to 2,482 individuals via e-mail and/or phone

–          Analysts conducted 87 workshops with 2,363 attendees

Our staff is committed to providing state and local official officials with the best guidance in the methods for managing their records.  We hope that this blog will give them an additional avenue to work with us to protect, make accessible, and preserveNorth Carolina’s records.  Every day, the analysts and archivists at the State Archives of North Carolina will answer your questions, consult you for advice, and consider the trickier issues of public records law. Now you will have the opportunity to engage with us collectively. Please send us comments as well as topics that you would like us to discuss.   I look forward to interacting with you.