Welcome to “The G.S. 132 Files”

Welcome to the G.S. 132 Files, the newest blog of the Division of Archives and History, part of the Department of Cultural Resources.  My name is Sarah Koonts, and I have the privilege of serving as the director of the division.  While I have only been in my position since May 1, 2012, several important initiatives are already getting started by our creative and dedicated staff.   This one grows out of our on-going efforts to expand and update the ways we provide records management services across the state.

Over the last year, staff of the Division of Archives and Records started increasing the use of social media tools for outreach and education.  We use Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and blogs to spread the word about programs, new collections, historical facts, and to share things from our holdings.  While we serve thousands of patrons each year both virtually and in person, we also serve state and local employees who create and maintain public records.  Each day our staff answers questions about how to maintain and when to dispose of public records.  We write records retention and disposition schedules, along with guidelines and policies for the effective management of records.   Division staff takes our customer service mandate seriously.  We want to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the public records in your office and to ensure that the permanently valuable ones are available for generations of North Carolinians to come.   We are retooling our workshops available in Raleigh and in other offices upon request.  We are revamping our website, and now launching a new blog aimed at getting information out quickly to managers of public records in state and local offices across North Carolina.  You are an important user group for our services, and we hope this blog will be a useful way to distribute information on records management issues for all types of records from paper to electronic.  We named it the G.S. 132 Files because North Carolina General Statute §132 is the public records law.   Most people don’t typically think of records as an asset, but the public records of the state are one of our most valuable assets.   They serve the citizens of North Carolina by protecting their rights, property, safety, and documenting our shared history.  We hope the G.S. 132 Files will provide a new tool to assist you in the effective and efficient management of the records you create and maintain.  If you have ideas for a blog topic or just have a records management question, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at the Government Records Branch or Electronic Records Branch.  We look forward to sharing information with you via this blog, and you can always use our website to access more detailed guidelines and records retention and disposition schedules http://www.records.ncdcr.gov/.

As the State Archivist of North Carolina I understand that we have many user groups served by our programs.  Public records custodians represent one of our largest and most important constituencies.  We will continue to search for ways to improve our delivery of records management services.  If you have input on ways we could better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact me at sarah.koonts@ncdcr.gov or 919-807-7339